Thursday, March 3, 2011

Cupcake Heaven....

J rae's
J rae's is a great cupcake company located near downtown fort worth.. Before i explain my wonderful experience i had when i went to the shop let me just say that the cupcakes are absolutely great i will definitely go back.. If you haven't been yet you should go..
Once i arrived at the shop as soon as i walked in i was greeted at the counter by one of the friendly employees. I thought it was great how knowledgeable everyone was about the products. As i placed my order they had everything ready in just minutes.. After ordering i took a few moments to take in the space and watch the surroundings and i noticed that they have a wide range of customers such as the business man to the average joe. I also admired their interior i felt as though the color scheme, design had a whimsical sense to it and the colors of lime green,hot pink, black and white strips were bold. I also love the play of mirrors through out the space from the mirrored wall to the end tables that were mirrored. I thought the cherry on the sundae was the small antique chandellier that was adorned with sky blue tear drop and round crystals..  The only thing i didnt like the space was the lack of pizzaz in design not much caught my eye and jumped out at me.